Home Insurance

You surely must be proud of your home and would like to protect it. This is why you need a homeowners insurance policy. Such a policy not only protects your dwelling but also covers your personal property and provides you with personal liability coverage.

The four types of homeowners insurance coverage are:

A. Dwelling- typically covers your house, attached structures, fixtures in the house such as built-in appliances, plumbing, heating, permanently installed air conditioning systems and electrical wiring.
B. Other Structures- typically covers detached structures such as garages, storage sheds, and fixtures attached to the land including fences, driveways, sidewalks, patios and retaining walls. Detached structures used for business purposes are not covered under a personal homeowners insurance policy.
C. Personal Property- typically covers personal property including the contents of your home and other personal items owned by you or family members who live with you. This protection can be based on actual cash value or replacement cost. Some items may have coverage limits such as firearms, artwork, business property, electronic data, jewelry, and money. Extra coverage is usually available by adding endorsements to your policy.
D. Loss of Use- typically covers living expenses over and above your normal living expenses if you cannot live in your home while repairs are being made.

California Home Insurance Policies

California homeowner insurance policies differ by which losses are covered, which coverages you choose, and what type of residence you own. You choose which insurance policy is best for you, whether it’s a comprehensive policy that cover losses such as fire, hail, smoke, falling objects, vandalism and theft of personal property, or whether it’s a policy that covers only specified losses.

Your home is your biggest asset and you definitely want to protect it from any kind of harm. Purchasing homeowners insurance and the right policy is the best way to do so.

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